Start of the Alternative Life

How often do you want to start a new life with the New Year? Finally, go in for sports and learn how to make good money, lose weight or build muscle, learn a new language, find a good spouse, devote more time to children, write a book, change jobs, open a business, put in place, insolent relatives or colleagues? And how often did dreams remain dreams? 

We all know that 2,000 new words are just six words a day. But for some reason, on the third day, we were going to visit, and there wasn't enough time for them, then we forgot, then "tomorrow I'll learn 12". 

When friends lose weight, they prove that they will not order cakes and add sugar to coffee, and then they break down and gain an extra 5 pounds. Sport? In winter it's cold; in summer it's hot, in autumn it is wet. So, fitness clubs are flourishing, selling an annual subscription on the assumption that the customer will have enough enthusiasm for five visits in 12 months.

Or the girl wants to get married for a long time. To find a husband, you need to get out of the house and go to places where there are many men, be cheerful, and smile more often. She had already read all the smartbooks on the topic of dating, asked her married friends for advice, but for some reason, the men she met did not want to take her to the registry office.

What is wrong with these people? After all, they know what they need to do to start a new life. They have all the information on how to do it right. After all, it's simple - take it and start Or, is it difficult? Or is it easy to start, but hard not to quit after the first failure? What do you think is the reason?

What is stopping us from starting a new life?

Based on the fact that we are primarily biological creatures, your physical body will control many decisions. Hence the unwillingness to change anything - now you are safe and comfortable. From the subconscious, everything is okay with you - you do not die of hunger and cold, which means that you can lie on the couch, eat cookies, and "stupid in social networks." Relax, and have fun.

And to change anything for the subconscious seems dangerous - who knows how it will end and what troubles the changes will lead to us. Therefore, the body will sabotage any attempt to impair its modern comfort.

The first level of resistance is your mind. The good news is that you can force the subconscious mind and the body to do something unpleasant by willpower, and you can negotiate with mind and body and promise an immediate reward for every small action in the direction you need. Or you can captivate with the bright prospects of an intelligent and alluring happy future.

The second level of resistance to change is your environment. Many people are in a "bucket with crabs" - any attempt to climb up, bring them to failure, others drag them back. Those who do not want to change themselves, it is beneficial that you also stay at their level. But does this level suit you?

The third level of resistance is your mind. Many are more pleased to do nothing, endlessly criticizing friends and strangers than to overcome themselves, at the risk of making mistakes and "looking bad" in the eyes of useless "couch experts." It's nice to read business books, but it's unpleasant to fire a nasty employee. Thinking about the future of your brisk business is fun, but in reality, 96% of companies go bankrupt, and it's scary to take risks.  

Because of resistance at all three levels, attempts to change life on their own often fail. Your motivation quickly ends, and you don't have the strength and energy to act in a new way, you return to your healthy life.

The bottom line is that most people belong to one of two types - stuck in the past or the future.


  • Forget the grievances.

Forget all the old grievances, make peace with people who you had a conflict. May all this remain in the past life. Learn to apologize for misconduct, accept that someone may have a different opinion on life, and have the right to do so. 

  • Break up with a boring love relationship.

If your relationship does not develop, it does not bring joy, then leave them behind. Do not bother. You can't build a new relationship if you still attached to old ones.

  • Summarize the past year.

Name and write down all your achievements. Praise yourself for them. Audit goals that you dint achieve. Leave the necessary and vital and transfer it to the next year, cross out the unnecessary without regret. 

  • Put your house in order.

Organize a spring cleaning and get rid of old, needles things. If you haven't used them or wear them in the last year, you don't need them! You need free space to put a new thing on your shelf. The choice is yours! 

  • Dream on!

For almost everyone, New Year gives the association of magic, the fulfillment of desires! Give in to your most incredible fantasies! Imagine that you already have everything and feel it! How do you understand that? What kind of people should be around you? What with should you fill your day? Start making small changes every day.

The secret is – to start a new life, you don't need a New Year! Any moment is excellent to begin the life of your dreams! 

But, stop dreaming and make it happen!

Go out there and have an adventure!

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