Raise Your Energy

By personal energy, we mean the feeling that you are ready to take on anything. That is potential energy, which is just waiting for its release, as opposed to when we feel "like a squeezed lemon." In the worst of these cases, you cannot even get out of bed. Many people have experienced that when they open their own business, they understand that to achieve their goals, they need more energy and "horsepower" just to do whatever is necessary. Practice shows that there are five essential habits, thanks to which you will always feel more strength in yourself.

The main thing is not just to read and know about it, but to try it in your own life: only then will you see and feel real effectiveness. The most important effect is that a higher level of personal energy acts as a catalyst for your body and mind. You start to think better and faster; you become a more focused and healthier person. Only a sufficient level of energy will allow you to reach the maximum heights you are capable of. A nice bonus is that each of these habits at the same time improves the state of health. Even if you put only one of them into practice, it will still work.

 1. Breath

If you do yoga, you already know about it. Otherwise, it may surprise you: proper breathing is one of the most important ways to improve personal energy. Correct means intense breath, to the abdomen, so that it bulges forward. You can do this every morning, at lunch and in the evening: just take ten conscious and very deep breaths. There is another interesting method: breath at the expense of 1-4-2 (inhale-hold-exhale).

That means that if you inhale deeply for 7 seconds, hold your breath for 28 seconds and exhale for 14 seconds. If you perform only this exercise 10 times three times a day, your energy level will increase significantly. To improve breathing throughout the day, awareness of shallow breathing helps. Then we can change it, for example, using the method described above. Why do we breathe superficially? Since in our life, there is too much stress, and we do not feel our own strength. Or it may be that there is too little stress; we do not set ourselves any tasks, and, accordingly, there is no need for development. Both in the first and second case, there is no life balance, and an increase in personal energy is necessary.

2. Nutrition

If you eat healthy, water-rich, and live food, this will also raise your energy level. After all, food is like fuel for our body; therefore only it can give energy and help increase its level. The best diet is a lot of fluids: vegetables and fruits. To eat right, you do not need to be an expert in this field, common sense is enough. Another useful trick is to take food precisely as a "nourishment," not as a source of pleasure. If you tend to overeat, there is a way to get rid of it. From psychology, most often it is a compensation for the lack of something else in life. Therefore, we need to acknowledge this shortcoming and deal with it, and not push it into the depths of the subconscious by overeating. If we eat foods that are high in fat and sugar, we deprive our body system of energy. Sometimes the body even has to spend more energy on digestion than it gets from food.

3. Aerobic exercises

When our body is in motion, it maintains energy at a high level. Aerobic means "with oxygen" - meaning exercises in which the body consumes a lot of oxygen. It can be jogging, cycling, or swimming. It is essential not to go to your physical limits, but to stay in an area where you can talk freely during class.

For this, the heart rate should be about 130-140 beats per minute. And it is advisable to train for 45-60 minutes in a row.

4. Sleep

It seems to be obvious that getting enough sleep is vital to be energetic all day. The exciting thing is that if you sleep, you will also be sleepy. It is believed that, ideally, a person needs to sleep for about 8 hours. But it happens in different ways: sometimes less is enough, sometimes more is required - listen to yourself. Another important factor is the start and end time of sleep. Getting up early is a great way to start a vibrant day. To do this, you need to lie down every day at the same time, so as not to knock down the rhythms.

 5. Mental energy: thoughts and emotions

Have you ever noticed how much emotional energy bickering between you and another person can take from you? And have you paid attention to how much energy specific thoughts take away? But we have the opportunity to choose our thoughts and emotions. When we are not fully aware of them, it takes us the most energy. After all, energy is associated not only with the physical body. If you have a lot of it, but subconsciously it is all invested in negative thoughts and feelings, there is no sense in it. 

Therefore, the first moment is to learn to notice incoming thoughts and emotions and decide whether to put attention into them or direct them to something more worthwhile to increase personal energy. The second aspect: choose only those thoughts and emotions that you need and which are useful. Our site materials will help you learn this.

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In everyday life, people often adhere to the behaviours described in the transactional analysis of the Karpman triangle: "victim," "stalker," "rescuer." The same person in different situations and with different people can play different roles, represented by a triangle. Having studied these roles' characteristics, we can conclude that none of them is profitable, so you should not stick to any indicated positions. What model of behaviour then adhere to?

According to psychologists, assertiveness is one of the essential factors for achieving success because all people live in society. Therefore, effective interaction with representatives of the community will contribute to productive life: success in work (business), material wealth, in the family (family relationships), etc.


Chakras and Crystals

The chakra system runs up and down the entire spine, from the root chakra to the crown chakra. Each chakra has its wavelength and colour. Energy from the chakras emanates in waves or streams. Chakras appear as saucer-shaped depressions of vortices on the surface. Each chakra is a swirling vortex of energy.

The reason quartz crystal is so effective in balancing and energizing the chakras is because of its electricity. Electronic quartz responds to electricity that travels through the body. If this energy is weak and inert, then the constant directional electrical vibrations of quartz will harmonize, balance, and stimulate these energies.


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Karma or fate

The law of karma is one of the most complicated rules in our world. Its complexity lies in its ambiguity - depending on the type of person, on the energy that surrounds him, the manifestations of the law of karma can be different. And this is the main difficulty. A large number of factors you can consider. How can we explain the fact that two people can have a completely different view of the same problem?

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