Colour Therapy

We know that a person is affected by life situations and other people; his mood exposes to circumstances from the outside, weather, and temperature outside the window, but many forget that the colour scheme plays a significant role in everyone's life. At first glance, a relatively new area of ​​research in psychology may seem frivolous, but the technique really works and favourably affects the emotional background.

Colour therapy started already in ancient Egypt, China, and Persia. There were even individual rooms where they installed coloured crystals, precious and semi-precious stones of a specific colour or placed in a vessel with water, and the glowing light obtained with their help was used to relieve emotional stress. We can conclude that even in those days, people believed in the power of colour. 

What is colour therapy? 

Colour long been used to treat nervous disorders when using colours and their frequencies to mend physical and mental issues. This type of treatment is called "colour therapy," and if by scientific, then "chromotherapy" or colour healing.

Colour therapy can use in combination with music therapy. 

People believe that colour exposure can either increase or decrease human energy. Colour energy enters the human body, stimulating the pineal gland and pituitary gland, encourages the work of hormones that affect a variety of physiological processes of a person, which are responsible for:




emotional condition;

sexual arousal.

In other words, how we feel depends a lot on the colours we have around. Great news, right? They're within the natural world, within the homes we live within, the cars we drive, the dress we wear, and the amusement we observe. 

Each colour has character and, in its way, affects our health. We are all different, and our colour preferences are different too. For some, black is the favourite colour of the wardrobe, and for others, sadness and longing. Colours influence our mental forms and can alter our temperament. Each shade includes a diverse impact so that varied colours can utilize for different mental conditions and disposition issues. 

White colour is associated with purity and integrity. And at the same time - with death, for example, the bride's veil is the dying of the old and the birth of a new life. In colour, therapy is considered positive and kind. It helps a person to stock up on energy and also improves mood. Also, white colour sublimates the functions of global maternal consciousness. 

The red colour is the masculine principle, fire, aggression from here associations that arise with love, sexual arousal, and passion. In colour therapy, you can feel safety and confidence, attract attention, make yourself known. Red colour often causes excitement, and anxiety increases nervous tension. Red is indeed more fortifying than orange. It impacts passionate issues like money related freedom and physical survival.

Pink colour - usually associated with the colour of joy. In colour therapy, it is used for relaxation, evokes romantic feelings. It also helps to get rid of stress and balance the nervous system.

Yellow colour - is associated with radiant-intuitive determination or with learned optimism. In colour therapy, it helps to clear oneself of negativity, energize activity, and show creativity. 

This colour can make you are feeling more joyful. It can bring out your insights and intelligence. As well much or too-bright yellows are related to disloyalty, pitilessness, and duplicity. 

Blue colour - the perception of colour usually causes associations with wisdom. Blue can have an inhibitory effect on a person or create a kind of anxiety, must be used with extra care, because it can destroy your vitality on the off chance that you are feeling low. In colour, therapy contributes to the development of intuition.

Essential blue frequently can utilize for meditation and relaxation. Blue can moreover be associated with intelligence, inventiveness, devotion, and otherworldly existence. As well as much blue or dark blue can lead to pity, misery, and a feeling of desolation. Light blue promotes calmness.

Green is associated with opportunity and birth. Green is a quiet and soothing colour. In colour, therapy green can use to achieve inner harmony. Upgrade the feelings of love, delight, and inward peace. It can bring you trust, quality, and tranquillity. Green is said to extend your intelligence and facilitate change and independence. Colour specialists consider green the most secure colour and regularly begin colour treatment with it.

Orange colour - it is exciting, orange colour stimulates the emotional sphere, an excellent antidepressant promotes a good mood. According to the psychology of colour, orange - the colour of energy, extravagance, transformation, and uniqueness. Orange signifies abundance, joy, well-being, and sexuality. Orange can utilize to fortify distinctive organs within the body for physical healing. It can increment your feeling of connectedness between your intellect and body.                                                             

Violet colour - purple in large quantities causes melancholy. The majestic colour. Colour of inspiration for healers and creative personalities. The psychology of colour refers him to luxury, religion, and sexuality.


Purple is most unequivocally related to magnificence, the most profound sense of being, and euphoria. In colour treatment, violet is regularly utilized on the temple and neck to start sentiments of calm and unwinding.

Brown is one of the most underrated colours; it may seem outdated and boring. Those who stand firmly and confidently are preferred. People who like brown value tradition and family.

Grey colour - in the psychology of colour, grey symbolizes mainly old age and simplicity. It can be dark, dull, or soft, and it is security, reliability, intelligence. On the other hand, this colour reminds us of elegance in fashion or "grey matter" in the brain.

 Colour therapy: simple tips

- get candles in coloured glasses, and put them in each room, surround yourself with pleasant colours just for you. You will see that in a couple of days you will be pleased with such decorative elements;

- buy a colouring book or a picture, choose your favourite colours and give yourself entirely to the creative process, drawing your masterpiece;

- find a bright hat for yourself. Yes, you heard, right! 

- Update your interior, let you surround soft, bright colours that relax and favourably tone you.

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