Relationships at work show us who we are. And if you do not like colleagues, then this is good a reason to think about what needs to be changed in your attitude or behavior, as complicated relationships at work can ruin any career. So how to establish contact with colleagues and stay yourself?

Outside of work, we can choose with whom to communicate, and with whom - not. But the office is a place where communication is mandatory. Colleagues are united by one company, profession, or interests, but they can differ significantly in character, needs, values, age, and culture.

Communication styles in the team


That is a responsible person who confidently goes to the goals. He acts quickly and can lead others. He has strategic thinking and communication skills; he can motivate and inspire. The essence of the leader's working relationship is that he finds and unites people who are professionals in a particular field. In this case, the leader may be wrong, but able to learn from mistakes.

How to find a common language with a leader: to speak essentially and briefly, to act effectively.


Quickly finds a common language with almost anyone, knows how to negotiate. Flexible, able to listen, and talk. Maybe a mentor for leaders. He prefers positions in work where he can prove himself as a negotiator, communicate a lot with people. If the profession does not imply this, he can take on social responsibilities, organize events, and establish good workplace relationships.

How to find a common language with a communicator: to be open to communication, celebrate its achievements, appreciate the care.


That is a bright, creative person who cannot stand the rules and conventions. The team loves him, although there are people whom he annoys. He has developed intuition, and he may find amazing ideas or solutions. He values ​​freedom, most of all. He manifests himself in the design work, where he can organize a hard load for himself, and then rest to fame.

Types of working relationships, where there are authoritarianism, uniformity, and orderliness, oppress him. He always needs new experiences and challenges.

How to find a common language with the adventurer: to be sincere, support new ideas, and accept it as it is.

Reliable worker

Responsible, diligent, first of all, think about work. He is organized, specific, neat, punctual. Rarely changes jobs. He can be trusted; he will do everything in his power to fulfill his tasks. Serious about any work entrusted.

How to find a common language with a reliable employee: to be punctual, accurate, to fulfill your duties, not to say too much.

Of course, there are other communication styles; above are described only the most striking. Sometimes a person can combine several methods, and this gives him advantages.

Good relationships at work: how to achieve them?

Here are some simple recommendations to help you feel comfortable and confident in interacting with colleagues.

  • Observe the working atmosphere. Remember that, first of all, you came to work – no discussion of personal problems, leave your own life for friends.
  • Do not pass gossip. The team often has people who like to discuss someone behind their backs. Do not get involved in these conversations and, do not pass on the gossip further. Remember that they can also consider you. Maintain a neutral working relationship with chatters.
  • Find the middle ground in communication. The offices do not like too closed people who do not communicate with anyone and talkers. The latter distract others from work, annoy and give the impression of loafers, although they think that they are establishing interpersonal relationships with colleagues.
  • Be polite and considerate. Often people do not greet colleagues and allow themselves tactless questions regarding personal life, appearance, or health. Even if you are friends with someone, at official events or in front of subordinates, it is better to contact each other formally.
  • Follow corporate rules. There are prescribed standards for routines, responsibilities, communication features inside and outside the company, employee appearance, etc. There are also unwritten rules – for example, a neckline or miniskirts are unlikely to be appropriate at work. If you are a beginner, observe how it is customary to dress and communicate at work, how working relationships are built.
  • Know the difference between subordination and groveling. It is essential to show respect for the bosses, not to contact the higher boss bypassing your direct boss. At the same time, do not overdo it with flattery – nobody likes grovelers.
  • Avoid criticism. Look for other ways to tell people what you want from them. First, pay attention to what was done correctly, and then you can use the questions in the style of "what and how can be improved?" Moreover, do not criticize anyone behind their back. It will ruin your working relationship.
  • Be positive! Try to pay attention to your colleagues' merits, look for the pros in any situation, tell positive news, and smile more often. That does not mean that you need to wear pink glasses and ignore the dark sides. Problems need to be discussed, but constructively. And if you will be the one who rejoices for others, someone will also enjoy for you.
  • Be attentive to colleagues. Explore those around you. Mary loves tulips - so give them to her for her birthday. James always talks about his beloved daughter - tell him that you saw a new cool attraction for children. People appreciate such attention and will be happy to create good relationships with you at work.
  • Help when you are in need. Helping each other is essential. If you see that someone needs help, but don't ask for it, politely ask if you can help with something. You need to do this unobtrusively and benevolently, without humiliating a colleague and not painting: "Oh, what nonsense, what, you can't handle?"


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Anyone wants to be happy. Since the days of Aristotle, happiness has been believed to be the pleasure of a good life. From this, there is our eternal striving for happiness.

Happiness is the accumulation of moments. Attaching your satisfaction to achieving a single goal makes it impossible for you to see the joy in the little things. The fact is that happiness does not arise from completing an only goal, but from daily events. Anchoring your happiness to a single future goal prevents you from experiencing the joy that is present in other moments in your life.



Firmly realized the absence of a magic wand recently. If you wait for someone to come, sharply adjust your personal life, give money, change jobs for you, make you happy, this is your mistake. The Higher has no hands other than your own. They ask you how do you know French so well? Yes, you had two and a half years in the courses, twice a week for three hours, and with long homework, exams and coursework. And then, at every job you used it, and now - you say, you write, you watch a movie, you communicate with friends and foreigners, you make constant efforts to ensure that you are in the asset!



In many religions, it is said that we are servants of God, this analogy can be traced in different holy sources. Each religion is initially given to humanity by God according to the place and circumstances to help people keep their duty, to be honest, righteous since without rules and laws, humanity is predisposed to degradation.


If you feel bad - do something

A human being is a system in which everything is interconnected, everything depends on everything, and everything affects everything.

For example, when you experience sadness, the rhythm of breathing changes, muscles contract differently, and the chemical composition of the blood changes. Long-term negative emotions can change the body's biochemical processes, unnecessarily stimulate the nervous system, and upset the activity of internal organs, up to their change or disease.



To forgive means ignoring bitterness, anger, and hostility that prevent you from improving your relations with your environment. Neglect negative emotions that prevent you from genuinely forgiving. Remember that no matter what happens, it has already happened, and there is no need to drag the past with you into the future. When you get hung up on painful memories, they begin to haunt you even more. Realize that forgiveness is a process, not a result, so take small daily steps that will reflect your intention to forgive a person.


Trust cannot be verified

It happens to you: does the partner turn the phone over when it receives a message? Or leaves the gadget face down, be sure to close all the tabs? Of course, maybe it's just a habit, or perhaps a very conscious action. Whether or not to ignore it is up to you. I suggest initiating a conversation about trust. Not a natural conversation. Ready for it?


Emotional Well-being Guide

Gaining emotional well-being is inextricably linked with the emotional maturity of a person, but not all adults can be considered emotionally mature. Mature people stand out among others because they are successful in social relations and live in complete harmony with the outside world. They are distinguished by a benevolent disposition, a steady good mood, and a generous attitude towards others. They do not panic, are not inclined to submit to fears, and are not in prolonged melancholy. Emotionally mature people can also feel sadness, sadness, and other negative emotions, but they can cope adequately. Therefore, they are considered an adult, harmonious personality.


Make it a Habit

Habit - an action that gradually arose as a result of repetition, and now is carried out on its own, without your will.
It takes time to get used to something. We all get used to something in our lives, and habits become part of our nature and begin to control us to a certain extent.
There are things that people get used to quickly, and there are things that take a long time to get used to, and it’s hard to get used to some things. In any case, people get used to something not immediately, but over a while.



Any relationship is based on primary and natural human needs: love and recognition. Everyone has their own view on the scenario of the development of these things, but for every person, it is crucial. The first thing we get after birth is parental love and recognition. It is also natural, like mother's milk, air, and the world around. Like everything in this world, there are pathological situations that happen to individuals, but the general, natural, human condition is love and recognition.

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