What is the purpose of life? The eternal question, always asked by Humanity. Is there a universal truth for all? Can we find out why we came to Earth?...


The Alternative Philosophy of Life is the result of our co-creation – the transformation of the knowledge gained on the Path into an aspiring online resource, supplemented with an inspirational jewellery line, designed and handcrafted by us for vivid, meaningful living. 

TheAlterLife jewellery is both inspirational and aspirational - symbols in our collections have different meanings for different people, giving reminders of certain characteristics that all of us would like to have or to attract into our lives. And we are sure that here you will find a gem that will speak uniquely to you.

Here, we are sharing our life Journey and sincerely hope that it will help you in finding answers on how to get on your Path, fill every moment of your life with meaning, realize maximum opportunities, find harmony, peace and happiness - thus get inspired and stay aligned with TheAlterLife!