Positive Thinking

Positive thinking arose in America at the end of the 19th century as a response to the rigid ideology of Protestantism. Gradually, the culture of positive thinking acquired a secular character, and many of its ideas later became part of the techniques of self-motivation. 

Positive thinking is a type of thinking where when solving life problems, a person sees mainly - 

  • advantages, not disadvantages; 
  • good luck, success, and life lessons, not mistakes and bad luck;
  • goals and objectives, not problems; 
  • opportunities, not obstacles; 
  • their desires and resources, not the needs and requirements.

Positive thinking is not to deny the negative. Positive thinking is to look where you need to and do what follows. To do something realistically, it's usually stupid to make lists of what I don't have; you need to quickly find out what you own and what your resources are.

Positive thinking combines both positive and constructive elements. It assumes a positive worldview and is often inherent in influential people and dynamic personalities.

Positive thinking helps calm, without accusation, constructive response to one's and others' mistakes, builds competent criticism and provides motivation and support. Positive thinking is one of the most fundamental tools and an essential stage in personality development, the key to business success, interpersonal and inner harmony.

According to the Law of Attraction, if you think positively, then, in the end, you will attract well-being.

They attach great importance to thoughts, forgetting about actions. By focusing on the positive aspects of reality, we can truly support our self-esteem and prevent gloomy thoughts from unbalancing us. 

Positive thinking is an optimistic view of the world and current events. A striking example is an analogy with a fly and a bee.

For the fly, the world is a garbage dump.

For the bee, the world is fragrant flower glades.

The main thing is that both are right because these are their worlds. There is also a place in human life, both for "garbage cans" and "flowers." And it depends only on him what exactly will become real. Positive thinking means not letting the negative into your mind.

The fundamental difference between the effects of positive and negative thoughts on the brain determines the future life of a person.

Can positive thoughts affect us more than just a smile on our faces? Yes.

How do negative thoughts affect the brain? Scientists have long known that negative emotions program meanders to perform specific actions. For example, when you cross a wolf, you start to run away from it. The rest of the world ceases to exist. You focus solely on the beast, fear, and the desire to get away as soon as possible.

In other words, negative emotions constrain thinking and limiting thoughts. Looking objectively at the situation, you could try to climb a tree or defend yourself with a stick, but the brain ignores the options available. There is no other way out for convolutions when the eyes of a predator look at you. Of course, millions of years ago, our ancestors' instinct of self-preservation helped them survive and continue the clan. But in modern society, there is no need to worry about an unexpected meeting with a dangerous representative of the wild. The problem is that your brain like a program to respond to negative emotions in the same way - by disconnecting from the outside world and rejecting alternative options.

A positive attitude focused on achieving goals, on the contrary, pushes our minds to new achievements and allows us to make our dreams more confidently and more easily overcome obstacles in our path, stimulating, among other things, creative thinking. Besides, optimism usually extends to all aspects of our lives, making it much easier to tolerate stress if we get into trouble. Positive also helps to overcome one's constraint, simplifies the establishment of contacts with other people, and encourages us not to be afraid to take risks and responsibilities in a particular business.

Guide your thoughts. Analyze what went wrong. Think of failure as an opportunity. Sit straight. Relax and let life just happen. Do good to others, stop reading news and comments, stop complaining, and go in for sports. Watch your stream of consciousness. Write down a hundred things you enjoy doing. Create something. Write a list of thanks. You need to find a healthy balance.

In short, one needs to think positively, but at the same time rationally, efficiently, and critically. Only a person who evaluates reality sensibly can act genuinely effectively. Therefore, do not go into the world of illusions, operate only with verified and reliable information, and be don't be afraid to face problems. Great achievements require real efforts, not imaginary ones.

 By all means, any spark of joy, satisfaction, and love will do its job. But only you know what will work for you!

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Nature is the Cosmic Reasonable Everything in which we live and with which we are closely connected, and if we want a vibrant and prosperous life, we must respect its laws, which is the deep meaning of morality.

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Motivation is the cause of the action and the ability of a person to actively satisfy their needs. Motivation is closely related to human development. It begins with the thought that when we reach the goal, we will feel good. This forces us to act towards this goal and evaluate whether our actions are practical and whether they will lead to the expected results.


The power of thought works wonders

The Living Ethics teachings say: ... The whole Cosmos is raised on thoughts. All good and all harm is based on beliefs. The thought gives life, just as thought brings death. When will people understand this! In space, there is no more substantial lever than an idea saturated with psychic energy.

In all areas of cosmic amplitude, thought will be the cornerstone; it can change karma, determine the timing, and open the gates and close them. She grows wings behind her shoulders, brings closer to the Upper World, and pushes into the abyss. The essence of the law is based on thoughts. The profound wisdom of thinking is a guard against chaos. It is thought that dominates the fury of chaos.


Crystal Programming Practice I

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The instructions are given to the crystal by talking to it. Imagine that the crystal is a microphone that responds to sound. Orders are delivered by voice because most of the brain is involved if words and speech convey thoughts. The crystal reacts to vibrations in the air and vibrations of the cells of the hand. Another argument in favour of audio instructions instead of a silent message: imagine that you are in a room where, besides you, there are still a lot of people, and you are very thirsty.


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"Transferring is a powerful technology for managing reality. Having received the solution to a controlled presence, you will see a world in which the impossible becomes possible."

When they first get acquainted with transferring, many people are surprised: how can you not make a wish, why? For many of us, desires and dreams is a much more familiar and enjoyable thing than goals and intentions. As children, we made wishes, blowing out candles on a birthday cake, whispering them to the chiming clock, or throwing coins into fountains so that our plan would come true as soon as possible. Some continue to do this in adulthood - because sometimes you really want to believe in a miracle ... But the truth is that all this is absolutely useless - such desires have no power!



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If a family has no purpose, it is dead. Where to start creating a family constitution?

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